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Covenants The Covenants of the gods deals with the contractual nature of man's relationship with God and gods. From Holy Matrimony to the Body of Christ vs the body of the State it is a unique blend of law, history and the Bible. "Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods."  CG144B $25.00
 Thy Kingdom Comes Thy Kingdom Comes deals with the nature of the Kingdom of God at hand on earth, how it existed from generation to generation. It covers the history and precepts of the Kingdom, the confusion wrought by the Pharisees, the corruption brought in age after age to keep people from the perfect law of liberty.  TKC145B $25.00
Free Church Report The Free Church Report explains the simple requirements for forming a Free Church, how they functioned in the past and should today. The perfect law of liberty taught by Christ is the foundation of the Church that set men free from the bondage of the "world". A guide to that perfect law of liberty. FCR144A $25.00
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  Keys of the Kingdom Series    
 cd Introduction to His Holy Church Listen online free online  KK1-1-C-1-1 $8.00
 cd Romans 13 The Higher Liberty-Listen online free cut version  KK2-1-C-2-2S $18.00
 cd Words that Bend, Redefining Listen online free cut version  KK3-1-C-1-1 $10.00
 cd The Bible and the word of God-Listen online free cut version  KK4-1-C-1-1 $10.00
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  The Covenants of the gods Series    
 cd Holy Matrimony Vs Marriage Two disc set. This Series discuses the difference between Holy Matrimony, an Ecclesiastical ceremony with no legal significance, and that legally binding covenant with the state called Marriage that is in opposition to the God given relationship of man and woman as Husband and Wife.  CG1-1-C-A-2S $18.00
tape  Holy Matrimony Vs Marriage Series on Cassette Tapes #1&2  CG1-1-T-A-2S $18.00
 cd Law vs Legal touches on some of the fundamental opposing principles of these two different sources of righteous authority, bondage and jurisdiction in past and present established societies. CG2-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tape Law vs Legal on Cassette Tape CG2-1-T-1-1 $10.00
 cd Citizen vs Citizen discusses at least two distinct and different types of citizenship in America and the rights and responsibilities, duties and obligations associated with or incumbent upon them. One subject to adminstration of law and one not connected to the government. CG3-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tape Citizen vs Citizen on Cassette Tape CG3-1-T-1-1 $10.00
 cd Employ vs Enslave explains the fundamental differences between man's inalienable right to the sweat of his brow granted him by his Creator and his legal right to labor for another master, ruler or god. CG4-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tape Employ vs Enslave on Cassette Tape CG4-1-T-1-1 $10.00
 cd Republic vs Democracy speaks of the principle conflict between God's way and man's foolishness. CG8-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tapetape Republic vs Democracy on Cassette Tape CG8-1-T-1-1 $10.00
 cd Money vs Mammon CG11-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tape Money vs Mammon on Cassette Tape CG11-1-T-1-1 $10.00
 cd Body of Christ vs the Body of the State
Listen online free Part 1 and Part 2
CG15-1-C-1-1 $10.00
tape Body of Christ vs the Body of the State on Cassette Tape CG15-1-T-1-1 $10.00
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  Covenants, Contracts & Constitutions    
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #1 The Snare. Hear online Part 1 & 2
CC1-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #2 Constituting Egypt
CC2-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #3 Party of the first part
CC3-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #4 Of, for and by the People
CC4-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #5 Not Legally Ratified
CC5-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #6 Citizenship under gods
CC6-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #7 Thou shalt not Covet
CC7-1-C-8 $10.00
 cd Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CCC #8 Solution & Summary.
CC8-1-C-8 $10.00
     Entire CCC Series on one MP3    
mp3 Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions Series
Entire CCC Series 1-8 on MP3
Hear online Part 1 & 2 of CCC#1 The Snare
CC8-1-M-A $35.00
 Format  Description  Code Donation PayPal
DVD The Structure of His Church which is a 93 minute video that talks and illistrates what the Church was and is, the original principals of the church and how that structure was used to create a national network. CS-1-D-A $20.00

To order by mail just print out a His Church Order Form by clicking here
or go to PDF Form which you cn print out

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