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Most of what we publish here at the Church is on line in one form oranother. This includes book content in HTML and PDF format.

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Covenants The Covenants of the gods deals with the contractual nature of man's relationship with God and gods. From Holy Matrimony to the Body of Christ vs the body of the State it is a unique blend of law, history and the Bible. "Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods."  CG144B $25.00
 Thy Kingdom Comes Thy Kingdom Comes deals with the nature of the Kingdom of God at hand on earth, how it existed from generation to generation. It covers the history and precepts of the Kingdom, the confusion wrought by the Pharisees, the corruption brought in age after age to keep people from the perfect law of liberty.  TKC145B $25.00
Free Church Report The Free Church Report explains the simple requirements for forming a Free Church, how they functioned in the past and should today. The perfect law of liberty taught by Christ is the foundation of the Church that set men free from the bondage of the "world". A guide to that perfect law of liberty. FCR144A $25.00
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