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Water Water Everywhere
Control the water, control the people!

Doom, Gloom, and Democracies
What men should know about Democracy. We are taught that men are fighting to make the world safe for democracy when we should be striving to make the world safe from democracy.


The Real Destroyers of Liberty
Who are the real destroyers of the liberty of the people?

The Decline of Freedom,
The Foundation of Tyranny

Part two of The Real Destroyers of the Liberty of the people?

Not My Tea Party
Universal Service vs. Universal Choice

What is all this talk about religion?

The Essential Precepts
of a Free Government

Plan B

Posse Comitatus

Romans 13 and Christ's “Clergy Response Teams”

Romans 13 short text

Romans 13 The booklet in printable PDF

Other Printable
5" X 8 1/2" Pamphlets booklets click here

Elements of the kingdom

Romans 13 full text

Ten Laws


The Liberty to Tax

The Hunter

Not of the World
What did Jesus really say, to whom, and why about his kingdom?

Pure Religion

Voice of the People

A Vision of Redemption

Cutting Muster
and the Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Staff of Wheat and War


In 8x5 Booklet form
Not of this world...Not of which world?

Standard printable  8 1/2 by 11 form
Not of this world...Not of which world?

For a list of free downloads 5" X 8 1/2" Pamphlets or 8 1/2" X 11" standard printable Articles.
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Previous Articles:

Why did you celebrate the 4th of July Click Here
What is the 4th of July and why should we celebrate it?
Print friendly copy of 4th of July Click here

High Quality Mp3 Audio
Audio Part 1 Fourth of July Message
Audio Part 2 Fourth of July Message

Real Audio
Audio part 1 Fourth of July Message
Audio Part 2 Fourth of July Message

Plan B
Click here to read article
Tyrants are not the problem. Tyrants are only the symptom.
There has always been an alternative system of self government within our reach, but the knowledge of it has been removed from our books, our schools, and our thinking. Free governments of individual rights are governments of individual responsibility.

Posse Comitatus and Romans 13
Click Here to read article
After Hurricane Katrina, President Bush called for the weakening of “The Posse Comitatus Act” to allow more federal "control" of emergency situations. But would the elimination of that legislative Act of the United States increase any lawful authority for the federal military to use its power and might to control the population of America?

Does Romans 13 really say all government is established by God?

Romans 13
Almost the entire Bible is about the story of men seeking to be free souls under God. From Cain, to Nimrod, From Pharaoh to Caesar God has been leading people from bondage to liberty, teaching the ways of the perfect laws of liberty. Why does Paul seem to contradict the continuous search for the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness at hand by telling us to remain subject in Romans 13? Or is that what he said?

Examine the truth about Romans 13 with an open mind and set your mind free from the bondage of deception.
Romans 13 full text --- Romans 13 short text

Elements of the kingdom Short article from Romans 13 full text

From the Hunter Short article from Romans 13 full text

Not of the World What did Jesus really say, to whom, and why about His kingdom?



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