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To Contribute is to Sacrifice

Your donations help make this web site, including, books, audio, videos and radio program possible and assist the ministers and ministries of His Church in the preaching of the Kingdom of Heaven, the healing of the people of that kingdom in congregation throughout all the world.

Several ways to contribute:
By Mail

Printable Donation Form.
Check or Money Order --- Make payable to "His Church".

Send to:
His Church
Box 10
Anna Road 10
Summer Lake, Oregon

On Line
You may also donate on line through the services of Pay Pal.

It is very important that you contribute to the welfare of those around you. Form congregations and Churches of Record. This is investing in the kingdom, investing in one another in faith and hope through charity.

Link congregations together through a similar network of record. Make a chain of authentication for your congregations according to the precepts of pure religion.

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You may make donations and order a variety of materials on line using our shopping cart on Paypal.
This includes a list of books, CDs, MP3s and other materials.
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Books on line

Most of what we publish here at the Church is on line in one form or another. This includes book content in HTML and PDF format.

Some of the books are:

The Covenant of the gods

Thy Kingdom Comes

List of books, CDs, tapes and MP3s



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