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Brother Gregory was born in America in 1948. His father was a practicing attorney, and his mother the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. He grew up in southeast Texas attending private school.

As a young man, he entered the seminary where he studied Latin, Greek, and theology. In the course of his studies he began to understand the unique purposes and practices of the early Church. Concealed for centuries in ancient libraries, obscured by the bias of historians, covered by imposed doctrines and dogmas there blossomed the forgotten but simple truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God at hand.

That quest for truth has given him an iconoclastic perception of law, history, language, and our modern opinion of the prophets. In tearing down the altars of superstition and peeling away the fallacies and falsehoods of a fatuous faith, the fullness of the Gospels of the Kingdom is uncovered in a revealing examination of rituals, rites, and religions.

Gregory is the author of several books, dozens of pamphlets, audio and video recordings. He has appeared on radio and television preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God at hand, and the perfect law of liberty within our reach. His controversial books include The Covenants of the gods, Thy Kingdom Comes and The Free Church Report which put the Kingdom of God and man's relationship with the God of creation and the gods of the “world” into a new perspective and light.






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